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About Brad

My journey begins in Quincy, where I was born, raised, and still live with my wife Lori and two sons Patrick and Bryan.

I grew up in the West Quincy section of town with two parents who worked full time. My mother, Marilyn, worked her entire career for the former Boston Gear and my father Patrick was a 30-plus year member of Local 1421, building wreckers. My parents set a great example early for me about the value of hard work, love for family and service in the community.

Along with my parents, my grandfather Jim, a World War II Veteran, was a central influence in my life. I can remember going to his house where he would assign us all “tasks” to do around his house and would reward us with money. From a very early age, I can remember his one liners when it came to finances: “Always pay yourself first” - his way of stressing the importance of saving.

I always valued learning and attended Quincy Public Schools where I played a variety of sports including soccer, baseball, basketball & football. Going to college was not the norm in my home, but I made that my goal. Like so many of us,  I vividly recall going through the college preparation process and feeling somewhat lost with all the forms and financial aid questionnaires that went along with it.  I was able to achieve my goal, attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where I graduated with a degree in Business Information Systems and a fair amount of student loan debt.

When I graduated, there were not a lot of jobs in my field, so I took what I could get to make ends meet. A couple years later, I landed the job that would be the beginning of my financial services career,  working for John Hancock in Boston. I knew that I had been given an opportunity and  I had to make it count. I put my head down and began to work.  Through that  hard work I moved up the ranks, and currently work in their retirement plan services division specializing in both defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Through both working in financial services along with my experience growing up, I saw the importance of empowering individuals throughout their journey to retirement and providing folks with not only tools, but opportunities to achieve financial independence.

In 2011, I decided that I wanted to use my financial services background in my community, so I ran for office and was elected as a city councilor. I quickly realized that  the professional skills I had gained were an asset in both the city’s budget and my ability to  advocate for sound financial policy.   In 2015 I was appointed to be the council’s first Finance Chair where I oversaw a $300,000,000 operating budget. I became the “numbers guy” and protector of the taxpayers’ pocketbook. In 2017, I was elected unanimously by my peers to be the City Council President, where I focused on increasing financial literacy services to the people of Quincy. 

I am ready to continue my journey as your County Treasurer. By combining my financial services expertise with my passion for public service, I pledge to create a lasting impact on the residents of Norfolk County through the Treasurer’s Office. I will do more than just balance a checkbook, I will take steps to help people succeed.