An engaged community = An engaged Treasurer's Office

Serving in elected office is a major responsibility that, when taken seriously, requires the candidate to produce results enhancing the community served.  I humbly share with you that I have seen great success in this area throughout my years as City Councilor, mainly because I've always challenged myself to get people involved in issues that matter to them.


As your Norfolk County Treasurer, I will continue my community engagement to enhance the Treasurer's Office and serve everyone according to their needs.  


If elected, I would put together a diverse taskforce to identify needs across Norfolk County and research what action could be taken to assist.  For example, there may be an upcoming project in a specific town that could benefit from the use of the county engineering department. Or, the taskforce may use information from their discussions to make suggestions regarding investing (or divesting) within the $1,000,000,000 pension system of Norfolk County. 


These are just a couple of examples of how I will serve in the position, but the bottom line is this - all government should start and end with the people. I pledge to develop a creative, inclusive, progressive conversation with the stakeholders of Norfolk County to set goals and achieve them. I've done it in my current role and I'm committed to getting it done as your Norfolk County Treasurer.


People First, No Excuses!