Brad's Vision

For me, public service is not just about dotting the “I”s and crossing the “T”s. It is about doing everything we can to create positive change for you and for our county. It is about engaging and educating the communities of Norfolk County about the Treasurer’s office. It is about showing up and bringing value to the everyday lives of the people who call Norfolk County home.

Those are the values that I will bring to the Treasurer’s office every day.

I will create that change and make the Treasurer’s office a resource that does more for you, for our communities and for Norfolk County.

As your Treasurer I will:

  • Draw on my 15 years of experience in the financial services experience to ensure the county’s financial interests and retirement funds not only remain healthy, but reflect our shared values.
  • Proactively examine the possibilities where investment or divestment can effect change to make sure we are investing more than just dollars in our future.
  • Increase community engagement by developing financial literacy curriculum and creating programs to help residents of every age feel more secure in their economic future.
  • Partner with the local business community to develop a fund that promotes financial literacy throughout Norfolk County.
  • Work with local officials & school departments to reach children and arm them with the best financial information, at an early age, will be one of my top priorities.
  • Increasing education through hosting workshops with a volunteer from the financial planning community throughout the county.
  • Establish a volunteer base of financial planning professionals across the county to provide residents with a professional resource for their questions. themselves us throughout the county, offering residents a resource to speak with.

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